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2cash is money for everyone with revolutionary technology that links digital currency to local money and gives people new access to funds transfer, paying local bills and other transactions from anywhere worldwide.

2cash works well with the following ...

Invite others to create a free 2cash account and earn 2cash tokens on everyone you refer who activates their eWallet. Remember to provide your 2cash account number as the referral code.

How It Works

2cash is next generation technology that ties digital currency to local money and provides users the power to transact anywhere anytime using their smartphone, tablet or computer. In three simple steps users anywhere around the world can benefit with 2cash.

# 1

Register with your email and deposit funds in your eWallet to share with others, order products or pay bills.

# 2

Save money with 2cash and only pay a small fee per transaction or upgrade to the AC20 (affiliate centre) and enjoy unlimited transactions for only USD$20 per month.

# 3

Invite others and earn 2cash tokens each time someone you refer verifies their eWallet. Subscribe to the AC20 and earn a 20% rebate on your direct referrals in addition to overrides on the referrals of your referrals.


2cash card

2cash card

Prepaid 2cash cards allow anyone to load their 2cash eWallet using local cash currency, or users can order 2cash virtually with bank deposit or transfer, credit/debit card, PayPal and even Bitcoin.

Share 2cash

Share 2cash

Share 2cash with others or order products including 2apps.io or 2play.io with an expanding list of 2cash merchants.

Debit card

Debit card

Order a debit pay card and withdraw 2cash that converts to US dollars. Use the card for purchases or withdraw from international ATMs.


Users love 2cash - see how some of them are realising the benefits.
Jun Allenjandro

My family abroad is helping my finances and I am helping myself by earning rebates when I share 2cash with others. 


I deposit 2cash with my debit card and share it with family in Cebu who receive pesos the next day, amazing!


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2cash Kickoff Event Hong Kong

Set your calendar for 24 March 2018 and join everyone in Hong Kong to celebrate the 2cash lifestyle. Meet celebrities plus win 2cash tokens and prises.

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