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All information is passed through SSL and applies AES-256 encryption.
All accounts use 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) with a secondary password to complete transactions.
Leverage the most secure crypto cold storage with the 2cash hard wallet.

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If you have questions or need help with your 2cash wallet we are only an email or chat away. We deliver answers to any questions. Visit the 2cash help site for more information.

Common Questions

Yes! 2cash is secured with SSL and data encryption. It also uses 2FA with primary and secondary password credentials so even if an unauthorised person is able to log in they can not complete transactions without both passwords.

Ask the person who invited you for their promo code or website to create your account. If no one invited you then visit and use the code wizard to find a code that works in your part of the world.

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2cash is the solution to unlimited transactions with no fees plus rewards when you invite others.

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