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Introducing 2cash

2cash is money for everyone with revolutionary blockchain technology thats connects digital currency to local money and gives anyone with a smartphone the ability to save money and make money by using and applying the 2cash Wealth System.

2wallet Login

The 2cash wallet

The 2cash wallet runs on your smartphone and provides money sharing with anyone worldwide instantly. Exchange from dollars to euros to pesos and more. Order products from 2cash merchants. Make withdrawals from your 2cash wallet to your bank, remittance or order a debit card to load with funds from your 2cash wallet account.

2cash Crypto

Trade Bitcoin and crypto

Easily acquire Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at the lowest market rates and sell high. Trade crypto with the 2cash wallet currency exchange. Get expert advice from 2cash trading experts.

2cash Utility Tokens

2cash Utility Tokens

When you create your 2cash wallet you will receive a unique promo code. Use your promo code to invite others. Acquire 2cash tokens every time someone you invite creates a free 2cash wallet account. Also order a 2pack that includes 2cash utility tokens, training and VIP perks. Increase your 2cash utility token balance for the 2cash ICO - Initial Coin Offering.

AC20 Subscription

AC20 Subscription

Subscribe to the AC20 and enjoy unlimited transactions with zero fees, plus earn 20% rebates back on everyone you refer and unlimited overrides on everyone they refer.

2cash Debit Card

International Debit Card

Order an international debit card to load with fiat currency when you process a withdrawal from your 2cash wallet. Make purchases or use at ATM's worldwide.

2cash Transactions

Accept 2cash anywhere

Create a business acccount and place a 2cash payment button on your website, app or shopping cart with a simple code snippet to accept 2cash from anyone. Or place a counter display with a QR code and accept 2cash when someone scans your code with their 2cash wallet mobile app. Be promoted to the entire 2cash network.

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