Frequently Asked Questions

The 2cash Wealth System uses technology and tools that allow users to save on money transfer and other transactions in addition to making money through the 2cash bounty referral income programme and ICO - Initial Coin Offering.

2cash uses blockchain technology to make transactions such as money sharing through remittance and purchases more efficient. 2cash utility tokens will become cryptocurrency after the ICO and have value in the 2cash ecosystem plus be traded on crypto exchanges, the same as Bitcoin or other altcoins.

An Initial Coin Offering, also known as an ICO, or token generating event (TGE) is how 2cash will provide its utility tokens to the public market that can be used in the 2cash ecosystem or traded on crypto exchanges.

A 2cash utility token is a smart contract that provides value in the 2cash ecosystem or can be traded on crypto exchanges.

» Free to sign up

» Low transaction fees or unlimited transactions for only USD$20 per month

» Share 2cash with anyone world wide

» Acquire 2cash utility tokens that contain value in the 2cash ecosystem simply by inviting others who create a 2wallet account, or by ordering 2packs. For details on 2pack products visit

» Earn 20% rebates on everyone your refer who order products, plus unlimited overrides on the referrals of your referrals

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