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Introducing 2cash

2cash is Money for Everyone with revolutionary CRYPTO-COMMERCE thats connects digital currency value to local money and gives anyone with a smartphone the ability to save and earn when using and sharing 2cash.


The 2crowdsave programme earns you rewards every month by inviting everyone you know to participate with you. No longer are your savings tied to a small interest fee. Now you can earn any amount you wish based on how many others you invite to your crowd.

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2cash Wallet Login

The 2cash wallet

The 2cash wallet runs on your smartphone and provides money sharing with anyone worldwide instantly. Exchange from dollars to euros to pesos and more. Order products from 2cash merchants. Make withdrawals from your 2cash wallet to your bank, remittance or order a debit card to load with funds.

2cash Trade Crypto

Trade Bitcoin and Crypto

Easily acquire Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at the lowest market rates and sell high. Trade Bitcoin with the 2cash wallet currency exchange. Get expert advice from 2cash trading professionals.


2cash Utility Tokens

2cash Utility Tokens

When you create your 2cash wallet your will receive a unique promo code. Use your promo code to invite others. Acquire 2cash tokens every time someone you invite creates a free 2cash wallet. Also order a 2pack with tokens, training and VIP status. Increase your token balance for the 2cash ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

2cash Funds Transfer

Funds Transfer

Instantly transfer crypto funds to anyone worldwide for a small transaction fee, or subscribe to the AC20 for unlimted transfers with no fees. The funds received can exchange crypto funds to fiat currency for withdrawals or order products.

2cash BillPay

2cash Bill Pay

Pay your local phone, cable, electric and other bills from anywhere worldwide. Currently beta testing in the Philippines with new markets opening soon in the Middle East, South America and Asia.

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AC20 Subscription

AC20 Subscription

Subscribe to the AC20 and enjoy unlimited transactions with zero fees, plus earn 20% rebates back on everyone you refer and bounty referral income on everyone they refer.

2cash Debit Card

International Debit Card

Order an international debit card to load with fiat currency when you process a withdrawal from your 2cash wallet. Make purchases or use at ATM 's worldwide.



Anyone who sells products or services can accept 2cash and expand their customers base both locally and globally with the 2cash network. Simply create a business account that includes merchant tools to create code snippets or QR codes to accept payments from any 2cash wallet user.




Virtual shopping with VIP discounts and privileges for 2cash token holders. 2shop delivers global brands merchandise like Apple and Tesco and LG integrated with local brands expanding continuously. Currently beta testing in the Philippines with local retailers opening soon in the Middle East, South America and Asia.

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